I Wish for Wishes… Or do I?

Well it’s been quite a week for WDW news hasn’t it?

I can’t keep up! We’ve now got an official date for Pandora: World of Avatar, the debut of ‘Rivers of Light’ has been confirmed and today… ‘Happily Ever After’…

I was quite excited to see Wishes… When we first booked our mega-moon trip to Walt Disney World for July I absorbed every vlog I could find of people showcasing their holidays in the ‘most magical place on earth’. Catching a glimpse of ‘Wishes’ gave me a lump in my throat and I just knew I would love it.

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visitpandora.com – The Thoughts of a Marketeer

Being a marketeer (that sounds so pretentious – but I worked hard for my degree so we’re just going to go with it) I get pretty excited when I see brands embarking on experiential marketing, allowing their fans to fully immerse themselves and connect with the brand on a whole new level. Especially when it is a brand that I love…

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