Who Am I?

To get to know me a little bit better I thought I’d pick some of my favourite questions from the various “Getting to know you” tags that are out there… Here goes!

  1. Where were you born? Southampton, England.
  2. When is your birthday? 2nd May 1991.
  3. What is your star sign? Taurus.
  4. Do you have any brothers and sisters? I’m an only child.
  5. Who is your hero? My parents.
  6. What is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere Disney related!
  7. What is your career? I work in events and marketing.
  8. What is your favourite flower? Daisies
  9. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? La La Land… (I didn’t love it)
  10. What is your favourite book to read? ANYTHING by Lindsey Kelk – I LOVE her!
  11. What did you want to be when you were little? An Air Hostess.
  12. What is your favourite sport to watch and team to support? I love watching football and I have a season ticket with Southampton FC with my mum.
  13. Tea or coffee? Tea!
  14. What is your favourite animal? Elephants.
  15. Do you collect anything? Keyrings from everywhere I go and custom Mickey Ears.
  16. What is your favourite musical? Wicked.
  17. What do you do to keep fit? I have a cross trainer, which I use four days a week and I go to jump2it – a fitness class on a mini trampette, it’s SO fun.
  18. What is your favourite movie? The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.
  19. How many languages can you speak? I can speak a little Spanish.
  20. Who knows you best? My mum.

¡Hasta luego cocodrilo!

(See you later alligator!)

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