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Being a marketeer (that sounds so pretentious – but I worked hard for my degree so we’re just going to go with it) I get pretty excited when I see brands embarking on experiential marketing, allowing their fans to fully immerse themselves and connect with the brand on a whole new level. Especially when it is a brand that I love…

Disney have today launched a new website to promote the new Pandora: World of Avatar land set to open at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World later this year. For those of you that have had your head stuck in the clouds for the last few months, us “Disnerds” have been eagerly awaiting the launch date announcement for Pandora for what feels like forever! Our dreams came true this week when Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, announced that Pandora will officially open on 27th May. I for one cannot wait!

Today, in a move to give visitors a unique insight into Pandora and what they can expect, was launched. I have to say, I love the idea behind this site. Even the press release on the Disney Parks Blog keeps on-theme by referring to the site as being produced by ACE (the expedition to Mo’ara organisers).

So far, the site has some basic information about Mo’ara and what guests can expect to encounter (essentially information about the two main attractions in the new Pandora land) and a page dedicated to the team members who are part of ACE. But I have to say, I have high hopes for this site in the coming months. I’d love to see some interactive maps of the land with not too much information – just enough to keep our interests piqued! I’d also really like to see some interaction with the ACE team, it has already been hinted in the press release that the team will be able to answer guests’ questions – but I think it would be great if we see some video diaries from the team, as the diaries were quite an important subplot in the film.

The imagery on the site is beautiful – hinting at what we can expect the new land to look like. Those of us who have seen the film will already know how breathtaking the original effects were, Disney are going to have a hard time translating this into the real world but I just know that they will do an incredible job and this website reinforces that for me. It’s a totally unnecessary marketing tool for Pandora, it almost doesn’t need any promotion, but it’s just another marker showing how Disney can go above and beyond. A similar website was produced for the TV show Westworld (, but that’s a bit of a sore point for me. It wasn’t easily available to us in the UK – hey HBO, we watched Westworld over here too you know?! But I think will really help to build momentum and hype before the official opening for Disney if it is executed well (and I have no doubts here!)…

There are also active social channels for ACE, @visitpandora on Twitter and Instagram. Both of which I will be following closely! I hadn’t seen Avatar until last December. I really didn’t think it was my kind of film but in the hope that Pandora would be open, my fiancé convinced me to watch it… I loved it and I now love it even more knowing that Pandora definitely will be open just in time for our honeymoon in July! I’m so excited to watch grow over the coming months and I’m curious to see if Disney will expand this experiential stratgey to other areas of the brand (Beauty and the Beast – I’m looking at you…)

Question of the day: What are your thoughts about Pandora: World of Avatar?

¡Hasta luego cocodrilo!


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